My name’s Fraser. I’m a writer of sorts from south-west England, based in south-west London. Consistency.

Just like everyone else, I use the world to access mischief which I then try to capture in words. This one time I was hit by a taxi after a monk gave me a blessing on the roadside in Kathmandu — you get the gist.


Over the years my freelance scribbles have been published by the Guardian, Bradt Travel Guides, and When Saturday Comes, among others.

My first book — Me & You Againwas released in 2016. It’s about the adventures I had getting to know my dad in my mid-20s.

In a professional and less pun-intensive capacity, I’ve written copy for businesses such as Money Saving Expert, uSwitch, and Glenfiddich.

It’s all a bit like a hobby gone wrong.

Me & You Again

Me & You Again is the title of my first book, released January 2016. Here are some words about it:

Me & You Again

Keith Balaam did things. Between 1994 and 2000 he volunteered in Russia, wrote a book, helped create a popular website, and had an organ transplant. He was a bit like that.

Then, in 2001, he died. He was only 47. And he was my dad.

Growing up, I used to daydream about the stories he might tell me if we could have a drink together. It was a comforting daydream, but incomplete — there was never a why behind each what. 

Then, in 2014, I was given a box of old documents addressed to him. I looked through the box, picked up the phone, and booked a plane ticket.

Me & You Again is a brief and frantic story about getting carried away, and how the need to fill the space between memories can take you all over the world.

Download Me & You Again for small change on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Nice things people have said

Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller, Non-fiction travel — February 2016

“Poignant and funny … the man’s a fine writer” — Mike Sowden, author of feveredmutterings.com

“A delightful piece of memoir meets travel writing” — Simon Varwell, author of Up the Creek Without a Mullet

“It made me cry on the 148 bus and I didn’t even mind” — Amazon.co.uk Reviewer

“Heart-warming” — The Weston Mercury

“I haven’t got around to it yet” — My mum

Preview Me & You Again

Cover image by Sam O’Donovan-Jones

Article clippings

Over the years I’ve written a number of things for a number of places, both in print and online. Below are some of the better credits.

Don’t waste your time on anything I wrote about mini golf courses in 2010.

The Guardian

“Scotland’s Little Bay” — December 2014
Small is beautiful in the coastal town of Oban.

“Salt: A Very Jordanian Town” — October 2011 
Despite its fevered activity, Salt reveals hints of its ancient past.

Bradt Travel Guides

“Vintage Seaside, in Bus Pass Britain” — August 2013, reprinted October 2016
An affectionate seaside open-top bus journey.

When Saturday Comes

“Had a Mare” — July 2019
On the first ever relegation Weston-super-Mare AFC.

British Lung Foundation

“I’m Running the Marathon for My Dad” — April 2018. 
On deciding to run the 2018 London marathon.

Money Saving Expert

“Solar Panel Earnings to be Halved” — December 2015

“iPhone Warning: Beware the Data Trap” — September 2015


“How to Handle a Long Distance Relationship” — November 2014

Work with me

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